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    NUC5i3RYH issue TPM



      I've bought this NUC5i3RYH and installed on W7 Ultimate x64, everything is fine.. till I've tried to enable Bitlocker!

      I've updated the BIOS to the last version 2049 and enabled Trusted  Platform Techionology, but in Device Manager I always seen "Unknown Device" with HW ID "ACPI\MSFT0101". I've downloaded the entire bundle of driver (may 2015) but there is no clue of a TPM dirver. SO i did a little bi searching and I've foud this: Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Error on Unknown Device in Device Manager in Windows 7*

      Now, is it possible that the only solution proposed from intel is to disable(!!!) TPM?

      I've setup a lot of pcs with W7 Ultimate and Bitlocker and always everything was perfect, I cannot understand why Intel doesn't provide a driver.


      Anyone can help me?

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          Please verify the model of your Intel® NUC.

          The model NUC5i3RYH does not include TPM.


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            I see, but why I have the unknown device with HW ID "ACPI\MSFT0101" in my Device Manager if there is no TPM?! It's quite strange...Could it be that is only a virtual interface that doesn't really exists but being activeted from the BIOS (and, also at this point, why there is the option to activate the Intel Trusted Platform technology if it's not really installed on the motherboard?!) it is showed in the Device Manager?

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              The article you shared above has been updated.

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                Since this is still marked as unanswered, I will attempt to do that for you.

                Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT) is a type of virtual TPM. It resides in the FW of your NUC and is controlled by the system BIOS. The version of TPM it emulates is TPM v2.0, which is not recognized by Windows 7.The hotfix from Microsoft will resolve the unknown device/yellow bang in Device Manager but will not make it usable. This is true for PCs that have a HW TPM v2.0 as well. There is no support for them under Windows 7 and no way to get them to work. TPM v1.2 and earlier are the ones supported by Windows 7.


                For the ACPI\MSFT0101 unknown device you can also simply disable Intel PTT. On Intel NUCs Visual BIOS: BIOS Setup <F2> Advanced - Security - Security Features pane - uncheck Intel Platform Trust Technology.


                Intel PTT was created as a way of satisfying Microsoft's requirement that Client PCs have a TPM for newer Windows products (8.1 and later).


                Hope this helps.

                Craig W, Intel TME