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    Automate Configure_Edison


      Hi, I have a project based on the Edison running on an Arduino clone break out board. It uses the FT801 chip for touch screen. I'm trying to put together an easy way for the end user to configure their wifi. Unfortunately I have to switch off the screen while scanning for local wifi SSIDs or the power draw crashes the board but that's a separate issue. What I would really like is to output the results of the configure_edison scan to the TFT display. I'm piping the output of --wifi to a text file which I'll then read but currently it's hanging, presumably waiting for the user to select their SSID. In any case I figured there might be an easier way so I just thought I'd ask. If I prompted the user for their SSID/Passwd could I create a config file for configure_edison to use for example? They won't have serial/usb/ssh/command line access so it will have to be automated through an Arduino sketch.