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    Intel 82562V-2 / Windows 7 / System Interrupts




      I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with an integrated Intel 82562V-2 network card.


      I recently installed Windows 7 (32-bit) and am experiencing a major issue with the Intel 82562V-2:


      The computer works fine after booting. But if I put it to sleep and then resume the computer from sleep, the Intel 82562V-2 generates a lot of system interrupts and basically waste one core doing nothing.


      Disabling the Intel 82562V-2 fixes the problem but obviously I'd rather not do this as I would have to install another network card.


      I tried flashing the BIOS of the computer and updating the driver of the NIC to (Intel, 9/1/2009, but that did not help.


      Question: what can I do so that the Intel 82562V-2 behaves properly under Windows 7 after resuming the computer from sleep?



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          I don't know any specific thing you can do that will fix this. You might try looking at power management options for the network connection in device manager. Try unchecking any options that are enabled. You could also try disabling some of the network connections advanced features to see if one of those are causing your problems.


          I suspect that if you disable the NIC in Device Manager and then enable it again the problem will disappear. Of course that would not be a very good way to work around this since you would have to do it every time your computer comes back from sleep.


          This might be one of those problems that you will have to get help from Dell to fix.


          If you find a fix, please post back here and let us know what you did.

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            Hello Mark and thank you very much for your attention.


            I tried playing with the settings but the only one that seems to make a difference is interrupt moderation and it is already set to the maximum.


            The problem does not disappear if I disable and the reenable the card in Device Manager. To be precise it does disappear while the card is disabled but it comes back right away when the card is enabled again.


            The only way to fix the problem is to reboot. Then everything works fine until the computer goes to sleep and is woken up from sleep.


            Somehow the card does not properly wake up from sleep but I don't know if it is a pure software issue or rather a firmware issue. I googled quite a bit over the last few days and found numerous people complaining about the Intel 82562V-2 not properly resuming from sleep under Windows 7 but some eventually found out that playing with the speed setting solved their issue. I seem to have a different issue.


            Dell support so far is not very useful so that would be nice if Intel and I could troubleshoot the problem together. If there were a way to enable some form of logging or if you had a debug version of this driver that could generate a log I would gladly take the time to help you pinpoint the issue.


            Again, thank you.

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              Unfortunately, Intel will not be able to troubleshoot this issue with you. Even though your network connection is based on an Intel(R) Ethernet Controller, the controller is used on a board designed by Dell. The system manufacturer is always in the best position to troubleshoot a problem like this.


              Because each system manufacturer does extensive validation on their own systems, you are usually better off getting whichever drivers and software your manufacturer has made available rather than using the drivers directly from Intel.


              I did think of one other thing you could try. You could try uninstalling the Intel software and roll back the driver version to the on provided with Windows 7. If I think of anything else to try, I will post it here.

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                Hi Mark


                I contacted Dell but so far they are refusing to help stating that upgrading the OS voids the software warranty. The computer is still under hardware warranty but Dell claims (so far) that this issue is not covered under the hardware warranty.


                I tried 3 drivers: the latest Intel driver from your website, the driver that ships with Windows 7 RTM and the latest driver for Vista from Dell. I experience the problem with all 3 drivers under Windows 7.


                Since disabling and enabling again the card in Device Manager does not solve the problem, I end up with the conclusion that after resuming from sleep the card is not correctly reinitialized and remains in a unstable state where it appears to work fine to the driver even though it is generating too many system interrupts. I do not know however if the culprit is the firmware of the card, the BIOS of the computer, the driver or Windows 7 itself. What I know is that the Vista driver is working fine under Vista.


                Wikipedia states that Vista uses NDIS 6/6.1 and Windows 7 uses NDIS 6.20. Could this have an impact?


                Would you have a tool to reset the card at its lowest level while Windows is running? If not, is there a way to set the interrupt moderation to a level higher than extreme, maybe by setting a registry key?


                Thank you!

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                  I don't know of any tool that you can use to reset the NIC settings while it is running. Have you tried disabling interrupt moderation to see if that has any effect? The problem might not have anything to do with interrupt moderation. And the Interrupt Moderation Rate settings that I know about are all available from the GUI, so there is no reason to make the change in the registry.


                  I suspect that the problem is something outside the NIC driver that is causing the behavior after you come out of sleep. Disabling the adapter and re-enabling it should be enough to reset the NIC. Therefore if resetting the connection in device manager does not resolve the high rate of interrupts, but rebooting the computer does resolve the issue, then I would suspect something external to the driver as the cause.


                  I am out of ideas as far as a direct fix. If this were my computer I would probably use Wireshark to check for any unusual traffic after the computer wakes up. I might unplug the Ethernet cable to see what difference that makes. I would also look for any clues in the Windows event logs. If I run across anything that I think might help, I will post it here.

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                    Hello Mark and thank you for your reply.


                    Disabling interrupt moderation has an effect but it is negative: it uses even more cpu.

                    Enabling interrupt moderation and setting it to adaptive or extreme has a positive effect: at least I can use what is left of one core to browse the tech forums ;-)

                    I was hoping that there could be a even-stronger-than-extreme setting to minimize the problem further.


                    If the problem is not driver related, would it be BIOS-related?


                    Unplugging the cable does not make a difference.

                    In the Windows Event log I see that Windows is unhappy about not being able to configure IPv6 but I don't think there is any relationship to the problem. Anyway I now have disabled IPv6 and the problem is still here.




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                      As to your question "If the problem is not driver related, would it be BIOS-related?" I don't have anyway to know what is causing the interupts and whether a BIOS update would make any difference. Interrupts are generated to handle network data. There is always the possibility that some hardware conflict is causing the interrupts to show up. There is also the possibility that a Windows component or an application is generating network traffic after wake up. However, if the issue is not widely reported and only occurs on certain systems, then I would lean towards some type of hardware issue. Some hardware issues can be resolved by BIOS settings or updates. You could try disabling features in your BIOS that you don't need.

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                        OK. Thanks.


                        Dell finally confirmed that they cannot help me with this particular issue but that they plan to support Windows 7 on the Inspiron 530 and that I should check their website again in a month. I hope that validated BIOS and drivers will help. I will post back here if it does (or not) .

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                          I have an asus notebook: fs3c with a centrino duo platform, 4965agn wireless adapter, atheros lan adapter.

                          I see this exact same behavior as previously noted only with heavy network traffic with the intel adapter and under windows seven.

                          I got this notebook with vista on it (home premium 32) and it ran fine for almost 2 years.

                          Now i got a copy of seven and the wireless adapter gives this problem with interrupts.

                          If i use a wired link to the same network and do the exact same things, the problem doesn't show.

                          Also i have to add that this is proportional to the intensity of the network traffic. Standard navigation is fine.

                          If i move huge files on my home network the problems arises and i have to put my laptop in "maximum performance" mode.

                          I stress the fact that the computer is exactly the same as before minus the operating system and probably drivers.

                          So it may be a bug in the OS but it may also be something related with the intel adapter as the atheros does not show the same behavior.

                          Care to comment on this?

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                            Hello Johnny,


                            Did you update your 4965AGN drivers or Intel(R) PROSet software?  I recommend going to Intel® wireless products and Microsoft Windows 7* first and then consider using the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility: http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/detect.htm.  If problems persist, please contact support at http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm.





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                              Yes. The first thing i did was download the latest intel drivers.

                              I am currently running dated 15 september 2009.

                              I will contact intel as you suggested.