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    1.5 gb/s or is the board capable of 3 gb/s


      Hi, I am upgrading to Windows 7, while I am at it I thought I would upgrade the HD and DVD burner (door sticks). The new HD is capable of 3gb/s but I don't know if my MB supports it. I looked under the specs and can't find anything? On the present hd it is 1.5 gb/s.

      I have a Gateway with a Intel BTX 915G (South Lake 2) 800 MHz Motherboard This is a link to the board on Gateways site, http://support.gateway.com/s//MOTHERBD/Intel2/TMEOEMD915GSE2G3/TMEOEMD915GSE2G3nv.shtml

      I would like ot use the 3 gb/s if the board is capable of it? Would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer me.

      Thanks Bruce