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    Intel P67 Windows 10 drivers?


      Hi all,


      With the imminent release of Windows 10 I was wondering if Intel will release drivers for my mobotherboard/chipset upon the release of said OS? I'm sporting an Asrock P67 Fatal1ty Pro. I asked Askrock which replied:


      "I am not sure if we will release WHQL drivers for Windows 10 for this model, and if Intel will release such drivers for the Intel P67 chipset at all. The focus will be on the newer models first.


      But I expect that most drivers will be integrated in Windows 10 already. The only tricky part might be to get suitable drivers for the Etron EJ168A USB3.0 controller.

      If no Windows 10 driver is available then you can try to install drivers for another Windows version in compatibility mode."




      This answer doesn't leave me reassured much, to be honest; it's kinda like 'install and see what happens...'