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    Intel Graphics: Per machine configuration rather than per user configuration


      Hey guys,


      we use some HP t5740 thin clients with a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset and Graphics card running Windows Embedded Standard 2009. To deliver a consistent user experience and for security reasons I want to deploy an image with enabled write filter. This implicates that everytime the thin client is rebooted and somebody logs on, the user profile is recreated as it won't be peristed to flash memory.

      My problem is that the Intel driver relies on a per user configuration so everytime a new user logs on the display configuration is reset from whatever it was (e. g. 2nd display configured to extend desktop) to a clone display setup.


      The configuration is stored in HKCU\Software\INTEL afaik.

      Is it possible to configure the Intel driver to store the display configuation in HKLM rather than under HKCU? I have the ability to configure persisting HKLM keys.


      My driver version is dated on 22.04.2011.


      Regards, Franz