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    Disable hardware acceleration with Intel HD 4400 video driver

      I have an HP EliteBook 840 with the Intel HD 4400
      graphics chipset. I run an application that displays video from our security
      cameras (Video Viewer part of OnGuard software suite from
      Lenel). The software requires that hardware acceleration be turned OFF in
      order to function. All of the drivers that I've tried (from HP and Intel) do NOT allow me to disable hardware acceleration.
      If I remove the Intel driver and go back to a standard Windows
      driver, I can disable hardware acceleration and the software displays
      properly...albeit at a severely reduced resolution and color
      quality. I need a driver that will allow me to control hardware acceleration
      while still giving me Dual-monitor, high quality video support.
      Any suggestions would be appreciated.
      Currently using Intel  Driver from Windows update site Driver Date 10.7/2013. I have tried more recent drivers
      including Ver Date-10/28/2014