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    Intel Management Engine Interface not compatible with Win7


      The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says the Intel Management Engine Interface is not compatible with Win7 on my Gateway desktop. I don't know what the Management Engine Interface is, or if it needs to be updated. I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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          Since Gateway may have a different BIOS and modified Board, Gateway or Microsoft may need to answer that.  The ME primarily monitors various board temperatures to control fan speeds for cooling.  It shuts down the computer if acceptable temperatures are exceeded.  I don't know if Gateway systems will accept Intel's Desktop Utilities but that provides information about the system such as temperatures and fan speeds.  Without the ME that probably can't be installed or would provide annoying alerts.

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            Thanks for the info. And here I though I just found the answer at this link http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/GettingReadyforWindows7/thread/7f13be54-fe75-4d79-aaf1-2f756e037035

            but it is a totally different answer than yours. This link makes it sound like it is an Enterprise thing and not to worry.Also here is what Gateway said when I asked them what the ME was:

            "The Intel Management Engine Interface enables communication between the host OS and the Management Engine firmware. MEI is bi-directional, and either the host or Intel AMT firmware can initiate transactions".

            When I asked for an explanation, I was told that since my machine was out of warranty they couldn't help and I should call Intel. Because their answer sounded like they are saying its Enterprise related, I figured I was good to go. I did a clean install of Win7 yesterday and all worked fine. Then I let it do the important updates. When I checked in on the machine an hour or so later the updates were done but Windows was frozen. This PC freezes a lot so I just rebooted. And the machine wouldn't boot. Not a Safe Boot, or a boot with the Win7 CD, or last known good configuration etc..  Actually, it does boot but gets to the "Starting Windows" screen and freezes. I just dropped it off at BB since I have a warranty with them. The Geek Squad guy said it sounded failed HD to him and believed it was probably coincidental that it failed right after the Win 7 update. Now you really have me wondering. If the ME is a heat sensor, (and its a Gateway so you know it over-heats) and if the ME wouldn't work in Win7 I wonder if it was damaged by too much heat? Can you tell me where you found that info about the ME? And how can I get a new ME if Gateway won't talk to me. And the Intel site doesn't recognize my Intel because it was sold to Gateway and assumedly they modified it. Ahgggggg!

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              Well I lost my response so briefly I recommend going to the Intel and Gateway sites for updated drivers for a clean install.  Go directly to Downloads, Desktop boards.  The information is there if you follow all links.  Intel offers pages for system builders.

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                This may share problems with this thread at http://communities.intel.com/thread/7763?tstart=0.  On a secure site, links should be safe.  I just ran the upgrade advisor myself and found one item that is not Recognized; the MEI.  If you install Win7 as indicated by the advisor you may want to view the transfer files info there by selecting the x64 tab.  If you have a 32-bit system installed it will indicate a clean install is needed and provide info.  This stops short of driver info however.  For that you need vendor or hardware specific drivers for an up-to-date installation.  The MEI driver currently listed by Intel is the same for Vista and Windows 7, although some specific drivers for Win 7 exist.  I have no idea what system you have so that is all I can say.

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                  Check out the Lenovo's post of a "Beta" Win7 compatabe intel MEI.  Intel has not posted them yet, but they have passed them on to vendors using the intel chipsets.




                  Please let us all know how this works out.



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                    Sorry for the dealy but I just got my computer back after the hard drive died. I ran the WIN7 Upgrade advisor and it still says the MEI isn't compatible. I downloaded the Intel AMT 4.2 MEI from the Lenovo site. Should I install it before or after upgrading to WIN7? Also, what does AMT stand for?


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                      Update: Turns out it was a failed Hard Drive and not Win7 or the MEI that prevented Win7 from installing. After the new HD was installed I started over, checking the Upgrade Advisor first. The Advisor still said the MEI was not compatible. Since I had read that the MEI affected (pick your choice) Enterprise communications, or the sound, or was a heat sensing monitor, or, or... I decided to wing it and install Win7. After the install the only problem in Device Manager was the PCI Simple Communications Controller. I tried to "Update Driver" in Device Manager but it said it couldn't find anything. Next I Browsed for the driver and pointed it to "Windows.old" which I had copied to an external drive before the HD failed. A dialog box opened saying the driver had been successfully installed and then it listed the name of the driver on the next line - and it was Intel Management Engine Interface! The exclamation point was gone in Device Manager. Go figure. I still don't know exactly what the MEI is but evidently Win7 is happy - so I am too.

                      Thanks for all the suggestions.

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                        when there is no need to monitor temperatures and/or voltages with tools that use the IME, there is no need to install any drivers for it. win7 works fine without it

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                          There is no need to inspect bridges unless they are going to collapse?  Every so often Desktop Utilities notifies me a fan is not working.  Everything is fine but I am reminded to check my hard drive, power supply voltages, fan speeds and motherboard temps.  I can't think of any computer that shouldn't be monitored but it may be too much trouble for some, in which case they probably aren't on this site.  This is the minimum for me, but the MEI is not required.