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    DH87RL no beep no display no keyboard detection


      I changed BIOS settings to enable Intel Rapid Start technology. Since then the display is not getting detected.

      I faced these set of issues:

      I reset the BIOS by removing jumper and putting it back to 1-2 position. I got the display but could not enter BIOS settings.

      Later I tried removing CMOS and putting it back after 1 hour. Then I started receiving 2 beeps pause 2 beeps. Then I downloaded .BIO files of the board and started to install them one after other till latest update 327 , I have tried to install BIOS update by USB and by removing jumper. I don't know if BIOS got updated or not since there was no display. And I stopped receiving beeps also. Earlier keyboard was detecting, now that also stopped.

      Hard disk seems to detect.

      I have Nvidia graphics card along with onboard display, but both are not detected.