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    Intel Graphics in context menu


      Hi All,

      My Lenovo X1 Gen1 laptop runs 64-bit Windows 7 English version and until recently it only had English (UK) in Region & Language > Keyboards & Languages. During all that time the two Intel Graphics context menu items circled below were displayed in English. Soon after I added the 2nd keyboard/language there and also specified it as current language for non-Unicode programs in Region & Language > Administrative, and now those items are displayed in that language. How do I make them displayed in English again now? It's nothing wrong with the 2nd language as such, it's just particularly annoying for any SW to behave like that w/o even asking what user preference is. Been seeing this issue with all IBM/Lenovo laptops equipped with Intel video adapters. OK to modify Windows registry if required.

      Many thanks in anticipation!


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          Please take a look to this thread and let me know if it helps: Re: HD Driver setup language

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            Hi, thanks for your reply and the link to a thread on this issue. As per the last email in that thread I've just checked my HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Language\ and found Default = 0419 and InstallLanguage = 0409 there:



            Should Intel software obey InstallLanguage? If so is it a bug that it apparently uses Default instead?



            Many thanks!



            Update: changing Default alone from 0419 to 0409 fixed the problem: Intel HD Graphics related entries in context menu and in Control Panel are displayed in English now (InstallLanguage only affects the language used during installation).


            Meanwhile it would be highly desirable for Intel to eventually listen to numerous instances of user fury at the HD Graphics software apparently expressed on this forum at the last drop of their patience, e.g.:

            Alexei Jolkin Nov 11, 2012 8:22 AM:

            > How difficult could it be to let the user to decide which language he or she wants to run the application???? Why the things need to be automatically wrong these days?

            Re: HD Driver setup language

            and make both installation and display language user selectable, like the absolute majority of multilingual applications. Allowing such flexibility would be a lot more intelligent than effectively depriving us all of it. There are lots and lots of users who need 2 or more languages besides the main one (at least temporarily) for reasons that have nothing at all to do with this software, and so following default OS language may easily make it unusable depending on the language in question :-)