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    Problem with COM mouse on Advanced/ZP board


      Hello, I'm from Poland and my english isn't very well.


      I have old computer with Intel Advanced/ZP motherboard. PBA number is 634468. I have a trouble with my Escom serial mouse. It don't works, but on older computer with 486DX processor works fine.


      Mouse has two-position switch: MS AM and PC AT. On 486DX MS AM works fine, on PC AT goes crazy.


      I tried to switch cables in tape which go to the board: 1-1, 2-2... and so on and 1-1, 1-6... and so on - no effects.


      I have COM1 at 3F8 and COM2 at 3F8. I switched this to any possible position and this further don't work!


      What I should do?


      Thanks, Czesiek