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    Galileo beginner - Where to find basic information


      Hi I just got a Galileo board and I didn't find some basic information to get me started:

      I followed the tutorial "Getting Started with Intel® Galileo Gen2" and Blink sketch works, but this is all I could get from the board.


      I have a short sketch what works on Arduino Uno R3 what receive API packets with XBee S2 from remote sensors (with wireless shield) but is not doing anything on Galileo.


      Looks like Serial.read() function is not working.


      My Question: Is there a site, document or book where I can find information how to address and work with the ports on Galileo board from a sketch?



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          Hello cMartu,


          Although the Galilelo board is Arduino UNO compatible, the architectures of each board are different; consequently, some of the codes that work in Arduino UNO don’t work in Galileo board because of the libraries used. Most of the libraries have been written based on Arduino boards’ architecture and they won't work in the same way when the sketch is uploaded in the Galileo board and in some cases the sketch doesn't compile at all. I’m not sure if this is what is happening to your XBee sketch but somehow this information will be useful for you in case you face issues like this when porting code from Arduino to Galileo.


          More specifically to your XBee sketch, there is a shield testing report (Desktop Boards — Shield Testing Report for Intel® Galileo Board and Intel® Edison Board) where you can find some notes regarding the XBee modules. I recommend you to check this document, you might find it useful.


          Regarding to where you can find more documentation, the community itself is a good source of knowledge. You can find questions similar to yours. For example, there are some threads about the XBee modules that you might find interesting:


          Also, there is a documentation section where you can find additional information about the board:


          Anyhow, if you have further questions with your projects feel free to post them in the community. I’m sure you will receive good suggestions from other makers.




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            Hi Diego,


            Thank you for your advice.

            From the links you provided, I found out that in order to use the UART on D0, D1 to communicate with my XBee I have to use Serial1 instead of Serial. Would have been nice to know this from the beginning when I purchased this board. 


            I did modify my sketch and the communication part works now .


            Diego, (or anybody else) I would really appreciate if you will point me to the place where I can find the Language Reference to be used in Arduino IDE, released by the producer of the Galileo board.

            I tried to find this by my self (spent a lot of time) and I also checked the documentation links you give me with no success.


            I don't think that Intel released this board without a programming guide with a complete list of Language Reference to use, I guess is only me that I can't find it.



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              Hello cMartu,


              There's no such document as a Language Reference made for Galileo's Arduino IDE. Since the board can be programmed through the Arduino IDE, the keywords and special characters are the same as in the regular Arduino IDE. You can find the Language Reference for the Arduino IDE here: Arduino - Reference


              Also, there is a release-notes document about the Arduino IDE for Galileo where you can find details about updates or known issues. The most updated version can be found here: Intel® Galileo Gen 2 Board — Release Notes