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    Horizontal tearing on video in full screen


      I have had this problem since I got the laptop last December. Video in full screen is erratic. In scenes where there is little motion there is no problem (or the problem exists but is not visible). The problem manifests as a horizontal "tear" about two inches down from the top. In order to capture the problem I had to record a video with a digital camera. I've attached a screen snap of a video frame. My guess is that I am seeing the top two inches of one frame and the rest of another frame. The three players (all current version) display the same problem. I've tried vlc media player, DivX player and Windows Media Player. All of my driver software is up to date. I built a Linux LiveCD on an external drive and boot to that. Try as I might, I could not get the problem to show up in Linux. I've also run a full slate of diagnostics. That plus the Linux success has convinced me it is not a hardware problem. My suspicion is that the rendering is showing a piece of one frame (the top) and a piece of another and this only shows up in high-action scenes because those are the only ones with enough differences between frames to be noticeable.

      It doesn't matter if I am playing a low quality (320x240), medium (620x480) or high quality (1280x720) video.


      I've spoken too Dell tech support and they are unable to help me. I would appreciate any suggestions. I find it unacceptable that my old Inspiron works fine but the new one is unable to perform properly.


      Dell Inspiron 5748

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      all drivers and windows updates are current.


      Computer Manufacturer

      Dell Inc.

      Computer Model


      Operating System (O/S)

      Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

      Operating System Build (O/S)


      Operating System (version)

      1. 6.1.7601

      O/S Language


      System RAM

      1. 8.1 GB

      Graphics Product [1]


      Graphics Driver Version


      3D Acceleration


      Hardware Transform & Lighting Support


      Video Memory

      1. 1.7 GB

      Vertex Shader Support

      1. 5.0

      Pixel Shader Support

      1. 5.0

      Microsoft DirectX* Version

      1. 11.0

      Current Graphics Resolution


      Current Color Depth

      32 Bits Per Pixel