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    Intel Management Engine Interface


      Hi. The MEIx64 has been giving me problems for months & no fix yet. On boot up (cold or from sleep), it sometimes disables itself then SATA, USB etc. devices all disconnect.


      This is the spec of the PC I have built:

      • Z97-PRO S1150 Intel Z97 DDR3 ATX
      • Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz 8MB S1150
      • H80i Hydro Series Extreme Performance CPU Cooling
      • Corsair 16GB DDR3 2133 D/KIT VEN PRO RED
      • 850W Corsair RM Series RM Series, Full Modular, 80 PLUS Gold, 1x135mm Fan, ATX v2.4, PSU
      • Samsung 256GB 830 Series SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" SSD Basic Kit (OS - W8.1 x64)
      • 1 x Samsung 1Tb SATA HDD + 1 x WD 1Tb SATA HDD in a hardware RAID
      • 1 x Samsung 1Tb


      The CPU & RAM are overclocked - by the Asus BIOS itself, by specifying that a water-cooler is installed. If the PC boots fine, there are no issues.


      When the error occurs (about 50% of the time), in the System Event Log I get The Intel Management Engine is being disabled, then 1 second later I get The Intel Management Engine is being enabled. Both are from source MEIx64. It looks like it fails, then starts but it's too late coz lots of devices have failed after the initial failure.


      Then I get a whole series of errors in the System log:


      • e1dexpress; Intel (R) Ethernet connection (2) I218-V. Network Link is disconnected.
      • disk; disk 2 has been surprise removed .... (Samsung SATA 1Tb)
      • disk; disk 1 has been surprise removed... . (hardware/BIOS RAID of 2 x 1Tb drives)
      • Win32K (Win32K) A pointer device did not report  a valid unit of angular measurement (The mouse has died - no power)
      • Service Control Manager; The Intel Rapid Storage Technology service terminated unexpectedly



      If I check in Device Manager I have yellow exclamation marks all over the place - it looks like all USB (mouse, keyboard, memory cards etc), & SATA HDD devices have them. The SSD drive (which the OS is on) is fine. This results in a forced power off - since no control of the PC.....


      Unplugging/replugging the mouse/keyboard have no effect.

      Scanning in Device Manager for devices just crashes Device Manager.



      Upgraded to the latest BIOS.

      Upgraded with all Windows Updates.

      Latest drivers running on all hardware.

      System file scan (SFC) shows no issues.

      CHKDSK shows no issues.

      Removing the over-clocking has no effect; the error persists.

      Re-installing all Intel drivers has no effect.

      Asus Support can't find a fix.


      The Asus support page for the board recommends MEI v10.0.20. That failed repeatedly, so I downgraded to v9 latest, which failed too, so I installed v10.0.38.1036 MEIx64 - which still fails on resume from automated sleep. Strange, but a manual forced sleep/resume works.


      Any suggestions please? It's infuriating!


      Thanks in anticipation.