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    No POST after Intel DQ35JO motherboard CPU upgrade


      I am trying to upgrade Intel DQ35JO motherboard CPU from E6750 to Q9650.  However, there is no POST, no error beep, light on motherboard, and CPU fan running.  Reinstall the original CPU back.  Now, it has the same issue.  Please help.  Thanks.

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          Hello johnjohnchu,


          Let me suggested that you test the board with the first processor and remove all the memory sticks as well as the video card, do you get any beeps at this point? If you get 3 beeps, you can then test the board with one memory stick at a time and test the graphics card.


          If you get no beeps with no memory installed, make sure that the heat sink has enough thermal grease and that it is properly placed.

          Try these steps first and let me know if this helps