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    vPro AMT KVM: Black screen/no screen updates via VNC




      I'm setting up a Supermicro server with an X10SAE board and I have issues getting AMT KVM to work.


      I set everything in the AMT ME bootup interface and also configured via KVM Console (KVMControlApplication.exe) to "KVM Status: Enabled - all ports". Here, I was not sure which "Default visibile monitor" to choose, so I tried each of them. Result was always the same:



      With any VNC viewer, I can connect to the server. I can authenticate and successfully log in. After that, the attached screen on the server shows a red/yellow flashing border and a connection icon in the right upper corner. When I move the mouse or press a keyboard key in the VNC client, I can see these actions being performed on the server screen.


      BUT: The problem is, that the VNC client stays clear. Depending on the VNC client I use, the window stays always black or red. This is independent of the state the server is in, i.e. it's the same if the server is in POST/BIOS/booting up, or the operating system has fully booted. Nevertheless, the client gets notified by the changes of the screen resolution, so the VNC window changes size when the server changes from POST to booting up and then again when reaching the GUI.


      Depending on the VNC server I use, the VNC client terminates after a short time (less than a minute) without comments, or tries to reestablish the connection. Interesting enough, Real VNC shows the error message


      0x8086210E: Internal KVM failure


      which is, according to the "Intel AMT implementation and Reference Guide" an "Internal failure". Not very helpful.


      I'm stuck here. Help would be appreciated.



      The Intel Active Management Technology webinterface shows:



      Computer model: X10SAE

      Manufacturer: Supermicro


      Manufacturer: Supermicro

      Product name: X10SAE

      Version: 1.01


      Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.

      Version: 3.0

      Release date: 05/20/2015

      Processor 1

      Manufacturer: Intel

      Family: Intel® Xeon® processor

      Socket: SOCKET 0

      Version: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1246 v3 @ 3.50GHz


      Intel® Active Management Technology firmware version: 9.1.1-build 1000     



      Thanks in advance,