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    Intel D946GZIS with Intel E7500 CPU


      Hi everyone,

      Recently I have changed my old P4 CPU with an Intel C2D E7500 fitted on Intel D946GZIS motherboard.

      Well, everything is working fine but Windows 7 CPU performance meter reduced from 4.7  ( for my old CPU) to 4.4 for the new CPU, also in BIOS I can't see the correct CPU speed and FSB ( show 0.40 for speed and 400 MHz for FSB).

      I downloaded and installed Intel Processor ID Utility to check more info about the CPU and its speed but it comes up with a reported speed of 1.59 GHz for both cores and 1064 MHz as a system bus speed.

      Even that everything is moving well but I fell that I'm not getting all the power and speed from the CPU I've upgraded to.

      Is this normal or should I change the mobo also??

      My configurations:

      Intel D946GZIS (0087 BIOS), C2D E7500, 4 GB DDR-2 /667 (2*2), Nvidia G-Force 9400 /1 G

      Thank you.