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    Intel Edison - Arduino1.6.x serial port connection problem - workaround


      I noticed at the recent Intel IoT Roadshow in London that some people had problems establishing a connection between the Edison board and Arduino in order to upload their Arduino sketch to the Edison board.

      This seems to be a problem with Arduino 1.6.x that's not seen in Arduino version 1.5.x


      This issue appears when the serial port that's used to upload an Arduino sketch to Edison (i.e. the port that shows as "Intel Edison Virtual Com Port (COMx)" in the "Ports (COM &LPT)" menu of the Device Manager) can not be selected via the "Tools --> Port" menu option in Arduino.

      This menu option is either greyed out or does not contain the COMx that refers to the USB port on the Edison that's connected to the development PC for uploading the Arduino sketch (i.e. this is the micro USB port closest to the mini switch that's located just between the standard size USB connector and the 2 micro USB connectors on the Edison Arduino breakout board).


      Today, I ran into this problem myself on one of my systems and reported this as a bug.


      In the meantime there is the following workaround :

      Make sure that your development PC is NOT connected via a USB cable to the micro USB slot on the Edison Arduino board.

      Then start up the Arduino development environment. ( i.e. execute arduino.exe )

      Once Arduino IDE is ready to be used, now connect your development PC to the Edison Arduino breakout board via the micro USB connector.

      The proper COM port ( COMx) will now pop-up and it will be possible to select that port via the "Tools --> Port" menu in Arduino


      Basically : start up your Arduino environment without the USB connection to your Edison board first and only afterwards establish the (physical) connection once the Arduino IDE is up and running.


      Good luck.

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          Thanks droziers, I just made the LEDs blink after a long day of almost bricking it, reinstalling firmware and flashing the image. I'm still getting used to the jargons. I was struggling with this error for the last hour. Upon Uploading, the Arduino IDE showed


          C:\Users\zscore\AppData\Roaming\Arduino15\packages\Intel\tools\sketchUploader\1.6.2+1.0/clupload/cluploadEdison_win.sh: line 56: /dev/ttyS3: No such device or address


          I had registered on this forum after being convinced searching won't find me a solution. I stumbled upon this post after having clicked to read the sticky posts instinctively. It has to be the first time for me that reading a sticky post has been fruitful after an exhaustive search.

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            Sorry to hear about your struggle to get things up and running on your Edison with the Arduino IDE, but happy to read that you finally got it to work.

            I hope you will now further enjoy programming your Edison through the Arduino IDE. Success & enjoy.

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              I am trying to communicate Edison with sensor MPU9150. When I try to run raw code on arduino I find below error despite of adding required library.


              Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Intel® Edison"



              MPU9150_raw.ino:38:20: fatal error: I2Cdev.h: No such file or directory

              compilation terminated.

              Error compiling.