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    bios hangs when detecting X25-M  G2 in AHCI mode


      I've waited for up to 10 minutes for the bios to detect the SSD in ACHI mode. It just does not happen. I have to unplug the PC from the wall and the SSD from the motherboard to regain control. The SSD is recognised in IDE mode but the install of windows 7 hangs straight after the first reboot (finishing installation). Again I've waited for up to 20 minutes for the install to complete but no success. Several times there has been a blue screen but they have been so fast that I've not been able to read them. I have an WD velociraptor which works flawlessly in ACHI mode and takes windows 7 install without issue. I believe I've tried everything to make it work: using one stick of ram at a time, updating bios, using a different SATA port. Any other ideas or is the SSD faulty?