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    i7 NUC = Too Noisy & Hot? :(


      Had to cancel the 5I7RYH order when I saw the noise/temperature results from reviews.

      i5 5250U is only rated at 15W TDP and it still gets bit noisy/hot under load.. so its not surprising that i7 5557U with almost double the TDP(but same cooling) can reach 100+ºC, 50+dB(fan at 6000+RPM) under load easily.


      I still want NUC(only cos it's tiny) but looks like 5i5RYK would be much better choice for me since I won't be able to stand the noise/heat on 5I7RYH..


      (to i7 NUC owners)How do you put up with the loud fan noise?

      I'd replace the stock cooling on i5 NUC if I could get better/quieter aftermarket one.

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          I too bought a NUC because of its small size, small power footprint and large performance to be a desktop replacement. After putting it together and taking it for a spin, I posted a question here about expected temp level for a NUC5i7RYH a couple of weeks back. Since then, I've been using my NUC(16gb of Crucial 1866 RAM) for everything.. It's run like a dream.


          Apparently, 100C is the official operational red line for the NUC's CPU.. I assume that's when one's fan would peak at about 5000 rpm's and generate its loudest  decibel output. I've yet to get close to these extremes despite never shutting down the box, using it to simultaneously watch streaming baseball games, and listen to audiobooks, in additional to everything else I normally do, including  transcode video and audio. I run Piriform's speccy all the time to keep an eye on things. In real time my little box hasn't ever moved past 80C for the CPU(and rarely hits that peak), 64C for the motherboard and 30C on the warmest of my two SSD's. The fan has never gone over 3900 rpms.


          Since I really want this little box to last and I'm not comfortable with a peak temp of 80C, I invested $15 in a dual external 80mm fan set from AC Infinity. I sit the NUC on one fan which blows upwards and use the second to exhaust  the box via the side ports. As I write this while watching some streaming video and listening to an audiobook, after some hours of doing the same, I have the following readings: internal fan speed 3350-3400 rpm, CPU temp Core0 59C, Core1 57C, motherboard temp 62-63C, Crucial_CT250MX200SSD1 28C, Transcend TS256GMTS800 21C. With the external fans, my box never gets beyond 70C CPU temp. I normally sit two thirds of a meter from the box and its fans. I can hear the fans  (remember there are two external ones as well) if I listen for them. Otherwise, other noises around home are far more noticeable.


          Oh, I'm running a completely up to date version of Windows 8.1 PRO x64 (the BIOS and drivers are up to date as well) and using the ethernet connection for the internet since the NUC is sitting about a foot away from the cable modem..I'm using an old infrared Logitech keyboard and mouse with a USB extender,an old Viewsonic  VG2030wm monitor and my 16  year old Bose Wave Tower for speakers. I'm networked to a Thecus N5550 for NAS storage. That box runs my Plex Home Theater installation...The Bose uses 300 Watts and generates more heat than the rest of my rig put together. Oh, I also disabled the NUC's  bluetooth devices since I'm not using them..


          In all I'm very pleased with the little box. The only problem I had with it was a wasted few hours when I installed the latest Windows 10 build, Windows 10 kept putting the NUC to sleep within 30 seconds of idleness. After spending a half hour constantly signing back in and never getting to the point where I could even open  the control panel to attempt to address the problem, I decided life was too short and re-installed Win 8.1


          I think the NUC 5i7 kit should come with better cooling, especially since cooling so inexpensive. If that means the box has to be twice as big, so be it. But, the issue is easily, if inelegantly, addressed with external fans. Other than that, I'm glad I got the little thing and expect to get several years of use out of it.


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            i7 NUC is simply too loud/hot for me.


            Intel NUC Kit NUC5i5RYK Review - Broadwell Comes to NUC! - Page 8 of 9 - Legit ReviewsPower Consumption and CPU Temperat…

            INTEL NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH Review - Page 4 of 5 - Legit ReviewsPower Consumption and CPU Temperatures

            Temp/Noise results from the review

            i5 vs i7 temp/noise (stress test) = 81C(3550rpm/38+dB) vs 105C(6400rpm/51dB)

            i5 vs i7 temp/noise (game test) = 82C(4200rpm/46dB) vs 105+C?(7000+rpm?/~60+dB?)

            i5 was fine on stress test, but it became much louder during game test(+650rpm/?dB, higher temp too).

            i7 became too hot/loud on stress test, and didn't post any game test results.


            Anyway I was just very disappointed when I saw the i7 NUC noise/temp results, cos I spent enough time to research and look for best NUC components.

            e.g. What type of memory do you have on Gen5 NUC? I ended up ordering discontinued 16GB Kingston 1866MHz CL10 despite the extra cost/delay/minor performance increase, only cos I invested so much time.

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              I think you put too much reliance on reviewers who are trying to create worst case scenarios. For instance, if I were a serious gamer, I would not buy a NUC. (although I do occasionally play games on mine with the real world results I reported here.) any more than I would buy a laptop for the same thing. For one thing the FPS rate is pretty poor. An 5i5 would be even worse from a performance point of view.  Also, I have to wonder what you think is making the noise (that you haven't heard, only read about) if it isn't fan speed resulting from over revving in an attempt to cool down a overheating chip.


              This is the second posting I've seen you put up where essentially you've complained about the product's specs instead of determining if the product as built can do the job you wish done. If you are so concerned about Intel's "cheapness", I don't understand why you are considering Intel products at all  However, if you  still want the small size and price/performance benefits, buy a motherboard instead of a kit and build you own system.  That's why Intel sells motherboards.


              I bought a 5i7 kit because it met my specs. I'm happy with it as are the thousands of other purchasers who don't come to boards like these because they have had no problems or concerns with the units they purchased. . My unit (nor, theirs) doesn't have the heating or noise problems you seem to wish it does. Is it perfect? No. If it were, I wouldn't had has to buy a couple fans. However,  I didn't expect it to be any more than any of the few dozen other computers I've owned. Certainly, it has been been more trouble free than most to set up; and, I have high hopes that it will continue to be. I hope you find a computing product that meets your needs equally well.

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                The NUC (Im using a D54250, i5 with HD5000 graphics along with Ubuntu 15.04 AMD64) works great with medium settings and 1060x1050 resolution in for example left4dead2, cs:s etc.


                What I would suggest Gintama7888 to do (as I did this myself) is to replace the original chassi (and fan) with a fanless chassi designed to deal with the TDP the system can produce.


                I use Newton X from Akasa: http://www.akasa.com.tw/search.php?seed=A-NUC09-A1B


                I think I saw they are up for a chassi for the i7 NUC aswell (not released yet), you can find other fanless options over at FanlessTech


                Also Tranquil got one fanless chassi for the i7 NUC going on named Abel B27: i7 powered NUC?

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                  To bubbuh

                  Watched and read enough NUC reviews but www.legitreviews.com had the most informative NUC & NUC memory reviews imho.

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                    I bought the i7 Nuc (nuc5i7ryh) this year and I am pretty disappointed with the noise levels at times.   The primary reason that I bought it was that I wanted a small noiseless computer. 


                    For the most part during "normal" use it is quite quiet (e.g. web browsing)


                    Anything that involves 3D graphics (no matter how trivial) will rev up the fan almost instantly.  I'm not even talking about games necessarily, but just trivial webGL samples apps, or for example another program that I downloaded which just draws very basic low-polygon count mathematical shapes (polyhedra), which is way less intense than what most games are doing.   Lately my kid has been playing Minecraft on it which really gets it sounding like a jet engine.  Or a hair dryer as someone else on these forums has compared it to.


                    At times it's not even the 3D stuff, but just some browser tab that my wife has opened with a cooking blog that's got some stupid ad which is causing one whole core to max out (so 25% of total cpu usage) this can also make the fan start revving up and then I have to stop what I'm doing to go tab-hunting so I can get some piece and quiet.


                    I'm seriously considering getting one of these fanless cases (Akasa Thermal Solution) though they look like they are $150 which adds quite significantly to the price tag on this little machine.


                    I wish that Intel would address this problem by sending a replacement cooling solution, as I really consider this a defect in the product.

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                      Hi uglycoyote,


                      I understand your situation; your NUC is doing noise while running medium and high video applications. I suggest you to make sure the unit has already the latest BIOS version 0355 and update the Chipset, Management Engine and graphics drivers.


                      BIOS version:

                      Download BIOS Update [RYBDWi35.86A]


                      Available in the link below:

                      Drivers & Software


                      If problem continues, please download and run our stress tool
                      “Intel® System Support Utility”

                      Download Intel® System Support Utility


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