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    Arduino working in Galileo gen2


      hi every one..


      I just want to know how exactly arduino works in Galileo gen2 board.

      We are using arduino IDE to set ip for the board.How it is going to yocto image in my sdcard.


      And I also want to know whether Arduiono micro controller we are buying outside and Controller in Galileo gen2 are same in their working??? Means the storage and erasing the code etc..


      can anyone help me?

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          The Arduino IDE for the Galileo works just as an Arduino IDE for an Arduino board. You select your board and upload sketches just as you would on an Arduino IDE. On the Galileo you can also work with shields that are compatible with the Arduino because it is hardware and software pin-compatible.


          Now, when you upload sketches through the IDE, these are stored in the Linux SD as processes. You can see your sketch run as a process using the ps command. Like any other service, it can be stopped from Linux side with the kill command. If you are just using the IDE, these processes will be “invisible” to you, so from that point of view,both will work the same way when sketches are uploaded.