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    Fan control




      i like the idea of the Intel Compute Stick as an ultra small an non space wasting PC. Basically I bought it for some Internet browsing, web video streaming (Full HD) or writing & editing word and excel documents. I don't run any other software in the background except for an antivirus program (McAfee). All drivers and windows updates are the latest Windows Update offered me or the ones I could find on the Intel support sites.Power supply comes directly from wall socket.


      The only thing that's annoying me is this high pitch noise from the fan running fairly often. Already some web browsing (tested with IE and Firefox) brings CPU usage up to around 20 per cent. Now, if I do some scrolling or switching sites the fan turns on pretty fast. I don't know if that's a performance or heat problem but I hope Intel can fix that and issue some driver improvements. Maybe there could be also a way to allow some fan or heat controlling in bios settings. Either way, hope there will be a way the keep that fan calm.



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          Hi vetro, we barely notice when the fan of our Intel® Compute Stick is on; it does not make any noise.

          It is possible that the fan of your unit is not working properly; try replacing it with the place of purchase or Intel support.

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            Hi joe_intel, thanks for your reply! Is it normal that the fan turns on even at low CPU usage, for example usual web browsing? After loading more than 2 websites (one after another) or just browse fastly in websites submenus my fan starts to run. I already performed a fresh reinstall of Windows and the latest drivers but that didn't change anything.

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              Hi Have Intel compute stick in HDMi port behind the TV  honestly we don't notice any fan noise at all

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                Well, a decent distance and the sound volume from your TV should trump the fan noise I guess.

                I plugged it right into my Monitor, so I am sitting on my desk right in front of it. While working there is no sound coming from my speakers and the sorroundings are quite noiseless.

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                  I had opened a couple of IE tabs and ran a Youtube video in one of them, then played the video full screen. The fan remained inactive during the test as the temperature was low.

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                    Alright. Seems that I am really having problems with my stick. I ordered a replacement. Thanks for your assistance!