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    Windows 7 iastor.sys BSOD at Boot after long cold shutdown


      So I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my Gigabyte GA-p55-ud4dp motherboard with a core i7 860

      I installed the latest

      P55 chipset drivers

      Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      I have two somewhat older WD Raptors in Raid 0 configuration and a New LG GH22 DVD Writer.


      I get a BSOD reporting issues with iastor.sys after a cold boot after shutdown.

      After it starts to BSOD. If I just restart the system, same thing happens. I can't get past boot until I actually switch the whole computer's power off via the PSU and then restart.


      What is strange is that if I shutdown and then boot after a few seconds, nothing happens and it boots normally. If I shutdown, go away for a few hours, then boot BSOD everytime.


      I'm stumped at this point.

      Maybe BIOS settings such as setting into Legacy mode instead of Native mode or something?!?


      Seems like just a driver bug.


      I had googled iastor.sys issues and tried the LPMDState to 0 registry change but that had no effect. The system is completely stable otherwise. No overclocking.