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    RAID 5 failed due to RST update during array expansion?




      I was in a hurry, trusted modern software. I goofed and and lost 3.7 TB critical array...


      Initial setup->

      Intel ICH0 with RST drivers

      Array 0 (256GB SSD in RAID 1) with Win7 Pro 64bit installed

      Array 1 (3 x ~2TB HDD in RAID 5) with over 3.2TB of Data

      All drive healthy with no pending or bad sector


      First action->

      I added a 4th ~2TB drive to expand Array 1 using RST menu add drive.

      RST warned windows manager would show new size only once operation was completed and computer restarted.

      RST instantly showed Array 1 to be ~5.6TB, Windows disk manager still showed ~3.7TB

      Process started and I expected it to last 20 hours because it was progressing at a rate of about 5% per hour.


      First issue->

      After about 20 hours I had a look and it seemed progress was stuck at 30%. I rebooted computer and noticed progress to be extremely slow (less than 0.01% per minute).

      I though this might be an issue with the old RST driver dealing with large array.


      Second action->

      I thought that since computer can be stopped and restarted during array building process with RST driver continuing where it left off an updated RST driver shoud detect disk status and continue building the enlarged array or at worst start over...

      So I went on and installed RST driver over version while expanding array was at 30% progress.

      Looking back I know it was stupid and naive!

      Critical issue->

      Rebooted computer and Array 1 did not show up in Intel RST manager! Did RST system ROM needed an update too?

      Looked at windows disk manager and found one large uninitialized 5.6GB disk!

      I ran windows system restore and reverted driver update;

      System is now back to RST driver and manager version;

      Restarted computer and DOS RST display Array 1 has 3 failed disk out of 4 and  suggest recovering volume (see picture below)

      I shutted down computer and disconnected all of Array 1 disk and need professional input as to what to do next... I'm not sure to trust RST to deal with the mess i created...


      I am thinking about first doing a sector by sector backup of all 4 drives. Then trying recovering volume using RST tool...



      Any idea as to what state the drive are in now???


      Best regards,