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    Intel PROset/Wireless WiFi Software


      I am using Intel PROset/Wireless WiFi Software.  When it detects a wireless network and I try to connect, it asks for Device Owneership Password.  I try to enter the password for my wireless router, but the software won't let me enter alpha chracters, only numeric.  I tried copying and pasting the password, but then I get a meesage "CheckSum validation failed for the PIN entered".  Can anyone help?

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          Hello Michael11F,


          This happened to me once, and in this case, the Intel(R) PROSet Wireless Software has Wi-Fi protected setup enabled which will request the ownership password every time you try to enter any wireless network. Please disable this feature and you will be able to connect again using your router password. Here is how you do it:


          Go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> Add/Remove Programs >> Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software >> Modify and then uncheck Wi-Fi protected setup.


          This should do the trick. Let us know if this helped you to connect normally again.

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            Thanks - much appreciated.  I am sure it will work.

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              You are very welcome. Let us know if you need any assistance and additionally we would like to inform you that also most routers have this feature implemented as well and will announce themselves this way. Intel (R) ProSet Wireless Wi-Fi will show announcement and allow you to enter the PIN which is on a label on the device. If you enter that PIN, the client and router will connect with WPA2.