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    Mdnsresponder - Binding to usb instead of wifi.


      Caveat - At the start of this whole exercise I knew very little about zero config - I know a bit more but not enough so.....


      I have an ESP8266 that runs (at the moment) a very simple arduino sketch. It connects to WIFI and registers itself with name mearm using mdnsresponder. All the loop does is a mdns.update().

      All of this is working fine and my mac can ping mearm.local successfully.


      On the Edison (root account) I can ping the ESP using ping - but cannot via mearm.local.


      Both USB and WIFI interfaces are up on the Edison (the USB is 192....... ) and I suspect that this is where mdnsresponder is binding to.


      Obviously I would like mdnsresponder to bind to wifi.


      I have a number of options and am seeking advise.


      1. Get a new version of mdnsresponder that binds to multiple adapters.

      2. Install avahi - I tried this from Alex's repository but did not succeed - go an error regarding a dependcy that I have to resolve (any hints?)

      3. Disable the USB adapter - then hope that mdnsresponder binds to wifi.

      4. An even cleverer approach suggested by someone!



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          OK found the answer.


          First get rid of or stop mdns - you can disable it or do a bad thing which is what I did and remove the packages (with a force remove of dependants) - in retrospect it would have been better to disable.


          configure base-feeds.con in /etc/opkg to point to alex's library

          install avahi - which will load dependancies.


          that it - I can now ping my esp8266 via mearm.local - all the traffic goes via wifi!


          The problem I had before were threefold.


          1. mdns was still active an running

          2. I had downloaded just the avahi package from Alex's repository

          3. because I had not pointed to alex's repository, the dependancies had not downloaded


          O well - on to the next showstopper!