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    Low latency audio on Edison



      We are excited about audio on Edison and are trying to integrate Edison in an application that requires low latency audio capture and playback.  We're creating an I2S machine driver as per the audio guide (using the ww18-15 release).  We have had success running through the Headset Capture/Playback and Deepbuffer Playback front ends and routes, but we're finding the latency is too high for our application. 

      1) Could you please point us to the documentation for the SST/LPE (Low Power Engine for Audio) firmware?  We're interested in learning about its available configurations, especially for low latency.

      2) Can you recommend which front end DAIs and DAPM routes are suited to low latency audio? 

      3) We noticed that there is a Low Latency Playback front end.  Is this something we can enable?