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    Wi-fi card problems in D34010WYKH?


      Question to owners of the D34010WYKH model: are there any issues with installing an INTERNAL wi-fi card (PCI-E Half Mini) to D34010WYKH?


      The reason I ask such a brazen question is because I have learned the hard way of all the problems the NUC series has, and I want to make sure that I am not spending money on another extra item (to make something work that should already be working) that won't work. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the NUC has many issues that users do not talk about loudly or often. It gets too much praise and high sale numbers when it's obviously so poorly crafted. See examples of issues below:  


      • Wireless mouse and keyboard does not work without a work-around. You have to have an extension cord so you can move the wireless receiver away from the NUC chassi because of interference from it (the USB-ports has been singled out as cause of interference).

              Solution: buy a USB extension cord.


      • Soundcard produces a lot of static. Reason? It's either because of static from the NUC itself (poorly isolated components) or the integrated soundcard is of poor quality.

              Solution: buy an external soundcard.


      These two examples is what I went through with my NUC model. And recently I read about that the new Broadwell model having issues with its Bluetooth. Maybe the solution is to buy an external part there as well.



      So naturally I wonder, considering all the interference issues with the NUC (at least my model), has anyone reading this tried to install an internal wi-fi card to the D34010WYKH and experienced any problems? Considering that the D34010WYKH has a lot of interference issues, it seems likely that an internal wi-fi card would have this problem as well. And thus another solution would present itself: buy an external wi-fi card. If that would be the case, a new problem arises because of these so called work-arounds; all USB-ports becomes occupied. Solution to that: buy a USB-hub. ARGH!


      Sorry for my frustration shining through this thread, but my question in topic remains and needs to be answered.

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          I have different models of NUC (not the i3); the only thing I encounter is being careful about the tiny antenna wire connectors during installation, and notice that I do not see any Wi-Fi SSIDs of my neighbors (outside my house) which I see with any other device (notebook, tablet, phone) - so I assume the Wi-Fi antenna inside the NUC case is not as sensitive.  I do not have the other problems you mention (my audio is HDMI, and I either place my keyboard/mouse "dongle" in a front USB slot and/or I use the Bluetooth transceiver combo on the Wi-Fi card).  When I encounter that problem with some other PC, I either move the dongle from the back of the machine to the front, or use an extension cable as you said (last time I recall using cable was with the dongle of an RF style remote control for an HTPC around six years ago).