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    rmm4 mount images without browser?


      I was wondering if it is possible to mount images without use jloader.


      I use mostly a setup that has no X running; which makes impossible for me to run the web interface and load the remote KVM.


      I was looking at the docs and I can't see any way to actually do what the jviewer option "Device--> Redirect Floppy/USB Key image" does.

      If JViewer does that, I assume that there is an equivalent to tell RMM4 to do the same operation via console?


      I tried to ssh on the address where the web interface run, logging into smash, but even there I don't see a way to mount images, so I can boot from it.


      Could you please give some guidance about how to accomplish the same that the Jviewer applet does, when remotely redirect media? Thanks