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    Gen5 NUC = Windows 7 friendly?


      Hi, I'm a PC person and have been building my own PC for past 10+ years. I've never used NUC before but now I'm thinking of buying two NUCs to replace my PCs. Not sure about which models yet but probably i7 + slim i3 NUC or slim i5 + Celeron NUC.


      But my main concern is Windows 7(64bit) compatibility on NUCs since Intel have better support for Win8 platform and most people probably run Win8.

      I want to run Win7 on both NUCs, so just want to make sure that current model NUCs are 100% compatible with the Win7 since I'm very used to it and don't like using Win8.

      Anyone running Win7 on gen5 NUC? Any issues?

      Is there particular gen5 model that is better or worse for Win7? i.e. due to more stable Win7 graphics driver, etc.

      I was just downloading Win7 drivers for i5 NUC but noticed that latest graphic driver(GFX_Win7_8.1_64_15.36.14.4080.zip) can't be downloaded so that got me bit worried.

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      Also I read some bad end user reviews on tall i5 NUC(NUC5i5RYH) on other site, such as faulty mini HDMI connector or USB ports, and unstable SATA connections, etc.

      I think NUC should be perfect PC replacement for me since I don't need gaming GPU and I really like the fact that its very compact(tiny compared to smallest ITX cases) but should I be worry about the quality issues on i5 model?