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    I2C not working in Intel Galileo Gen 2




      I am working with intel galileo gen 2 board with WindRiver Linux 5.0.1. I want to access i2c interface available in gen2 board and i connect temperature sensor as a i2c slave device. So, i write one small application attached as I2CTestApp.cpp. My connection with gen2 board as follows:


      1> 3.3v --> my slave device 3.3v

      2> GND --> my slave device GND

      3> SDA --> my slave device SDA

      4> SCL --> my slave device SCL


      But when i execute my application executable file on gen 2 board it open the /dev/i2c-0 successfully but when application goes for write operation it gives,

      Write Fail....

      Read Fail....

      when i am using i2cdetect command it gives the wrong slave address even my i2c slave device is connected or not with gen2 board as shown in attached snapshot i2c_galileo.png.


      So, can anyone give the right suggestion to solve this?


      Thank You.