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    VMR Windowless Mixer Mode,After Resume From S3/S4, The image flick


      The Problem is That:


      I want use VMR to Preview usb camera. The VMR is configure with Windowless mode by using function SetRenderingMode And Mixer mode by using function SetNumberOfStreams. Then Start VMR and Preview Video.  I put the computer into S3/S4 State, Ater Resume form S3/S4, the preview image seems normal. But The problem is coming. When I close my application, I start my application again and the preview image seems abnormal,which means that the top of preview image may flick sometimes. I make another experiment, that I change the executable file name of my application. It seems normal surprisingly. So I put the computer into S3/S4, and the problem is the same. I also try other Vendor Graphic Driver, it not exist above problem. I also try the newest intel graphic driver, it also the same.


      Is it the bug of intel driver?My experiment environment is the Intel HD 4000 Series and Win 8 OS 32 bit.