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    Windows 7: Intel graphics driver freezes the system when running on battery


      To summarize my problem, my Samsung X360 laptop running windows 7 freezes if it is disconnected from power (Spec: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/detail/supportPrdDetail.do?menu=SP00&prd_ia_cd=05010300&prd_mdl_cd=&prd_mdl_name=NP-X360&prd_ia_sub_class_cd=P).


      In particular, the whole system freezes, the screen shows the frozen desktop and the system does not respond to keyboard or mouse actions. Even the mouse pointer is frozen. Only a hard reset is able to bring the system back to life. There are no errors in the system log that could give a hint. Furthermore, it does not make any difference if I change the power profiles, even on "high performance" it constantly happens. If it is plugged in, then everything is fine, no problems.


      When using the Vista drivers from Samsung (, see URL above), it takes about 5-15 min from the login until the system freezes. Interestingly, I used exactly these drivers with Windows Vista and they worked without problems.

      However, with the new Intel drivers for Windows 7 (, then there are only 30-60 sec left after login until it happens. Furthermore, I tried to turn off the Aero feature, which delayed the system freeze to some extent, but the system stopped working in either case. On the other hand, the system was stable when using the generic VGA drivers that ship with Windows 7.


      Any idea?