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    How to contact sales regarding an error in a purchase


      Hello everybody,


      let me keep this brief. I purchased Intel Parallel Studio XE after a search for vTune turned it up. Post purchase I downloaded the product and meanwhile registered my serial number on the website as suggested in the email in which I received said serial number. After the download I proceeded to execute the installer. After unpacking I noticed that vTune was not listed as one of the components of the software about to be installed; it turned out that the Composer Edition does not contain vTune and I should have bought vTune as a standalone product or the Pro Edition of Intel Parallel Studio XE.


      Directly after noticing the missing component, I aborted the installation process and turned to Intel Premier Support (case #6000110555). The response was a rather sobering one. I was told that I could upgrade to the Pro Edition of Intel Parallel Studio XE for "only" another 1299 USD. That is, the product I just purchased had a price point of 699 USD. The correct edition which was also suggested after my search for vTune, has a price point of 1599 USD. As a private person I opted for the seemingly cheaper product (missing the important fact that the desired component wasn't even included). The upgrade option suggested to me by Intel Premier Support has a price point of 1299 USD - mind you, all within 2-3 hours of the erroneous purchase. That is a whopping 500 USD more than the Pro Edition alone would have cost me.


      I responded with a question whether there is an option to turn my purchase into a purchase of the Pro Edition, given the significant price difference and the fact that I hadn't activated my product (actually not even installed it; realizing the mistake after the unpacking step). A response to that question is still outstanding since around noon on Friday last week. The original response from the Intel Premier Support took mere minutes to arrive.


      So I tried turning to the Click Support at click.support@intel.com and got a response with three links. The two first were altogether irrelevant to software questions and this community forum (unless monitored by Intel staff) is also unlikely to help me much about something sales-related and a software that is not listed in the other two links they sent me. Anyway, at their advice I am posting my story here.


      Is there anyone from Intel sales here who would be able and willing to help me, or am I stuck with a product that I was suggested but hadn't intended to buy as it turns out?


      Thanks for reading.e