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    Configuring edison with external antenna


      Has anyone used the edison version with the external antenna?  I have several modules with the chip antenna and for each of them, I have used a consistent and documented process for upgrading the firmware, changing the root password, configuring a static IP for the wifi etc., so I am pretty confident the process works.  I recently purchased a module with the external antenna and have had nothing but trouble configuring it.  For example, after 'flashing' the latest firmware, I still get the losing 1st character on the serial terminal issue and when I type "configure_edison --version" instead of the version, I get an error in that '--version' is not a valid argument.  I can join a wifi network but the association does not stick across reboots.  This seems to imply that the flash didn't work, but now what?


      Is there any differences in the firmware I need to install for the external antenna version?