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    Stick won't boot, refresh, reset or repair - Windows


      So I've bought two Sticks, and I've had some weird experiences with them both.


      One stick suddenly stopped booting, and I’ve tried everything possible

      • Refresh
      • Reset
      • System Restore (had no restorepoint)
      • Startup Repair


      How do I apply the Intel® Compute Stick App Update – when I can’t boot the system?


      Is there anyway else to COMPLETELY reset the stick?

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          So I might just have found the solution to why both of my Sticks didn't work properly - the power supply...


          Both were connected to two different Samsung TV's, getting their power from one of the USB slots. One slot giving 5v and the other 10v. Both ran for several days, and then stopped booting propperly.

          I then tried with one of my phone power supply, giving 5v and 1a.... Still no success


          I then connected the Stick with the original power supply giving it 5v and 2a, and BOOM.... It was up running again


          I've found out that the Apple iPad charger is 5.1v and 2.1a - which also make the Stick run.


          It's so frustrating that the device can’t be powered by the LED monitors which make the device ALOT LESS accessible.