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    Trouble updating driver for graphic card.


      I'm trying to update the Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset driver for my laptop, and the newest version is 15.something.something, and I'm currently on version 8.something.something. I've used the automatic driver detection software Intel recommended, and I can download the correct drivers, but when I try to install it, I get an error message saying, "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for this update", or something like that. I've made sure that I have the correction version of driver, Windows 7 Ultimate for 64-bit, but it's still not working.


      My laptop's bits:

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP-1.

      Intel Core2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHZ.

      4 GB RAM.

      Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family.

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          HI Cinerai,


          Below is a link that will explain how to install the generic drivers:


          Be aware that these are generic drivers with no specific OEM customizations. If your system is a laptop or tablet based system it likely has customizations to the driver made by the manufacturer of the system. If you install the generic driver you will lose the customizations and the system may not work as intended. we recommend you use the latest drivers supplied by the manufacturer.

          If you want to try the generic driver I would recommend you set a restore point before updating the driver.


          How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows 7*



          Download the zip version of the drive and extract to a folder on your desktop:


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            So, I downloaded and extracted the driver update, and uninstalled the current driver for my Intel chipset. I restarted my computer and then installed the update and allowed my computer to restart again. However, it's still at the version that it was at before. I'm not sure why it's not updating to version 15, but I copied the dxdiag file, if that helps with anything.


            Display Devices


                      Card name: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family

                   Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

                      Chip type: Intel(R) GMA 950

                       DAC type: Internal

                     Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27A2&SUBSYS_206217AA&REV_03

                 Display Memory: 256 MB

               Dedicated Memory: 0 MB

                  Shared Memory: 256 MB

                   Current Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)

                   Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor

                  Monitor Model: unknown

                     Monitor Id: AUO1344

                    Native Mode: 1280 x 800(p) (60.002Hz)

                    Output Type: Internal

                    Driver Name: igdumd64.dll

            Driver File Version: 8.14.0010.1930 (English)

                 Driver Version:

                    DDI Version: 9Ex

                   Driver Model: WDDM 1.0

              Driver Attributes: Final Retail

               Driver Date/Size: 9/23/2009 14:22:56, 5472256 bytes

                    WHQL Logo'd: Yes

                WHQL Date Stamp:

              Device Identifier: {D7B78E66-64E2-11CF-9073-6800A2C2C535}

                      Vendor ID: 0x8086

                      Device ID: 0x27A2

                      SubSys ID: 0x206217AA

                    Revision ID: 0x0003

            Driver Strong Name: oem1.inf:Intel.Mfg.NTamd64:i945GM0:\ven_8086&dev_27a2

                 Rank Of Driver: 00F42001

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              Hi Cinerai,


              Just to clarify, did you use the procedure on how to manually install a driver in Microsoft Windows 7*?

              If so, then it is likely that your machine will not allow the installation of a generic driver, this would be an exception made by the OEM to the VBIOS. You would need to contact the manufacturer to verify whether or not your driver can be updated with a generic one.