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    Searching for the fastest processor to run Linux


      Working on a project where we have maximum $30k to purchase a server/workstation.  We need the fastest processor we can buy to execute Fortran applications.  Parallel processing nor graphics are of our interest; this is  sequential processing, CPU intensive.


      We will be using Linux as OS, probably Ubunto (Red Hat or Suze: One that comes with the Fortran compiler included).


      We have not been able to find a good white paper comparing processors for workstations/servers.  Based on what we're finding in Internet, it looks as though Itanium is the fastest processor, but we're not finding many servers/workstations in the market with Itanium. (Realize that we'll be purchasing the equipment in Venezuela). 


      On the other hand, we're not clear if Itanium -for the kind of applications we have- will be faster than Xeon processors, which have been in the market much longer.


      Anyone knows where I can find a good processor comparison white paper? Any thoughts on Itanium vs Xeon in the context explained above?


      thank you to whoever can help!