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    Media Center Remote


      I have just update my BIOS to the lastest plus updated all drivers but I can not get my WMC remote to power on my NUC it was working fine before. I have found previous post and fixes but these are for earlier updates. Is there a fix for this?

      NUC: N2820

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          Recent BIOS added some new settings about remotes, on something like advanced power page.  Check whether those settings look correct for your situation.  I can't remember exactly what they are, but I think there is one for something like enabling the power up from S5 (which sounds like you want that enabled), and another may be something about your type of remote.  If those settings seem correct for you but still not working, consider changing them in case you misunderstand, or also because sometimes when new BIOS settings are added the defaults may not be quite correct until you toggle them or reset to defaults.

          Note that the drivers (and any registry setting) are more likely to affect situation like how the remote responds after power is already on, or perhaps while in "sleep" (but not off).  The BIOS setting is definitely in control for the "off" situation.  Also note that in my personal situation that latest BIOS seems to make me have to press remote several times (not just once) when I am trying to wake the NUC from sleep - but I have chosen a setting different than you want - I chose to disable the power up from S5 (I don't like that feature because I have multiple NUCs/remotes in same room).

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            Thanks for this but the crazy part now is i can not access the BIOS setup now when i press F2. It just goes blank black screen with nothing.....

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              If you think that the F2 key was accepted okay then the things to try would be make the display connection as direct as possible (not through some Audio Visual Receiver or switchbox etc), make it to the input of your TV which the manual says is most compatible for a PC (for example perhaps HDMI 1 on back rather than some higher numbered HDMI on side/front), or try a completely different monitor/TV.  That's because the NUC BIOS is trying something like reading the resolution capabilities of the display and then centering a 1024x768 graphic inside that resolution.  If you think that the F2 key might not have been accepted, then consider trying to first access the NUC's "Power button menu" which is starting from power off, try holding down the power button for a very specific amount of time something like 3-4 seconds not shorter and not longer (then it displays a menu with a few choices, one of which should be the BIOS settings).