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    SS4200-E Dom setup


      By mistake I ordered an SS4200-EHW instead of an SS4200-E. I found out the distance after unpacking and putting disks in, so the supplier didn't want to switch it to an E. So... I bought and installed an IDE DOM (Transcend 256 MB), set to Master. I have 4 WD 1TB disks, although I've taken them out of the system right now.


      I installed the DOM image using an USB stick (as described here: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4200-e/sb/CS-029093.htm) , but after booting, with or without disks, the power light and the disk lights blink about 10-20 times, after which the power light turns amber, and stays that way. Which means a critical error, so I assume the DOM update didn't go well.


      Is there a way to solve this without hacking the system or using the RS323 interface etc?