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    Can't activate win8.1 w/bing after reseting of os


      My intel compute stick worked like a charm with Kodi media-center and regular apps like spotify and browsing before windows got corrupted. So i used the recommended system restore function to get a fresh image back. After that i can't active the os install anymore, i tried using the os upgrade from intel support page and even tried flashing to the newest bios without any positive result.


      Since serialnumber is embedded in the uefi i can't see directly what the serial is and so i can't retype it into the activate screen that pops up every 2 hours or so.

      I tried calling the Norwegian re-seller and they told me to call Microsoft, but the indian guy @ms told med i had to call the re-seller or Intel instead so here i'am.


      How can i activate this windows version again without having to do something illegal?


      I have never ever had any problems activating windows 8 pro or windows 7 pro before on my other computers.