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    Install Libgphoto on Edison


      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to install libgphoto2-2.5.7 on my intel edison. I have install this image on my edison "Linux edison1 3.10.17-poky-edison+ "

      1. i go to the directory cd /home/libgphoto2-2.5.7

      2. Run ./configure


      and i have an issue with libtool :


      "checking that we can compile and link with libltdl... no

      configure: error: cannot compile and link against libltdl

      libgphoto2 requires libltdl (the libtool dl* library),

      but cannot compile and link against it.



      when i do opkg install libtool  "Package libtool (2.4.2-r6.0) installed in root is up to date."


      How to fix that please