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    MCU MAC install help


      hi going through the v2.1 platform install off a mac.  Get thru The eclipse install and update just fine but get stuck on moving the scripts over to the board.  the instructions say

      1. Navigate to MCU_SDK_HOME/cygwin/home/username, where MCU_SDK_HOME is your MCU SDK installation folder and username is your user name. Copy the .sh files into this location.
      2. Navigate to MCU_SDK_HOME/cygwin/bin/. Double-click mintty.exe to run it. A Cygwin window opens.
      3. To copy the scripts onto your board, enter the command:

      Do not know how to perfrom this step.  dont see the directories when i hook the board up and browse like a drive.


      THanks very much in advance



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          cygwin is a package you can put on a ms-windows box that provides some unix functionality - you don't need this for a mac!


          In simple terms (and I have been down this path) you need to get the scripts onto the edison to allow you to execute them WHEN NEEDED!


          In my case (and I have not put all the scripts on there), I ssh'ed to the edison, found a nice spot to put the scripts, opened the editor from hell (vi), and pasted what I had copied from my mac - had to make the script executable after I saved it.


          The edison does not appear to have ftp - which is the way I would have preferred to do it. The edison drive had be accessed from the actual edison - but it is truly a bit of a pain to do it. I have a sd can't on my edison - it may have been easier to copy all the scripts on there from my mac and then place it back in the edison and then copy them from there (high-tech sneaker net!)


          Hope the above gives some ideas!



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            Thanks Stan - got it working.   Wan't that far off- got the scripts over with this:  scp ~/*.sh root@  and made them executable with ssh root@ "chmod +x ~/*.sh "


            All good now - thanks very much.

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