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    BCM43340 FM Receiver


      From what I've seen from Broadcom's product guide, the BCM43340 has a baked in FM Receiver, There is also a mention of an "FM module" in the I2S interface section of the Compute Module's hardware guide.  With that said I can't find anything else on this subject.

      Hopefully someone from Intel can provide some more information on this. FM reception would be a pretty useful feature to have available.

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          Hello Jarocks,


          Even though the BCM43340 specs include the FM receiver feature, it is not supported by the Edison module and currently there are no plans for supporting this feature. The "FM Module" mentioned on the Edison Compute Module Hardware Guide refers to an external FM Module.


          My best suggestion for you would be to check the BCM43340 driver, which is available here: 01org/edison-bcm43340 · GitHub, in order to know if the FM receiver feature is included. You might want to contact Broadcom for this particular question because they are the ones who developed the BCM43340 driver for Edison: Welcome | Broadcom Community