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    S5520UR bios recovery problem


      Hi All

      We a S5520UR MB , I'm trying to do a bios recovery because , the original issue is that it keeps restarting after intel logo and it do not go further, I'm trying to do bios recovery but with no success able to go into EFI shell, I'm doing exactly as recommended by Intel, but with no success, is there any missing trick ? somthing not clearly mentioned in the document I missed maybe ? please can any one help?


      Thanks in Advance


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          Here are our recommendations to narrow this issue:


          - Place the BIOS jumper back to normal position.


          - Test the system on a minimal configuration (processor, monitor, minimum memory) and verify if the issue persists.


          - Test the system without any memory installed looking for beep codes to ensure the board is working accordingly.


          - Depending on the symptoms, take the board out of the chassis and start swapping components like memory, processor and power supply.