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    Bluetooth SPP connection fails by Bluetooth spp pro in my Android phone




      I follow the steps of http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24909/eng/SPP-loopback.py. Bluetooth spp pro in my Android phone can find Edison.

      but when I try to connect, it fails and shows "SPP communication failure"

      for below step , I create a note file, then copy code from below link to note , and save it as SPP-loopback.py       <--- Is it correct?

      Using SCP, copy this file over to your board.



      then I upload SPP-loopback.py to Edison /root, as below

      in putty,  it connects wifi, ,  under /root ,I type python SPP-loopback.py &, it feedback [1] 501. <----does it correct?  does  this failure results SPP connection fails with bluetooth spp pro in my Android phone?

      1python SPP-loopback.py &