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    Is Intel AMT supported




      Just tried to find out if a specific notebook supports AMT or not,

      which is not easy as I found contradictory information about it.


      So I'm now trying to find out if this is even possible.

      The CPU of the notebook is a i5-4210U where the ARK site

      states that is not vPro capable, which makes me belive that

      the notebook will not be able to offer AMT, however it is also

      stated on ARK that the ME firmware version of the processor is

      9.5. An ME firmware would only make sense if AMT is supported

      or did I miss anything?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Most systems include Intel® Management Engine firmware but it does not mean they support Intel® vPro.

          Both motherboard and processor need to support Intel® vPro for a system to be capable of using this technology.

          In this case, your processor does not support Intel® vPro.