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    Lag spikes after updating graphics driver


      So i played through witcher 2 and after that i wanted to play witcher 3 but i couldn't open it. So i updated my Graphics driver to latest version, but my computer couldn't handle the game, and i know that know that my pc won't be able to run it stable. So i wanted to play through witcher 2 on a harder difficulty but now it have lag spikes. Like, sometimes it runs really smooth and then suddenly it just starts to lag really bad, and it runs smooths again and it does that over and over. Is this something to do when i updated my Graphics driver? I have already tried to roll back the drive, and it just rolls back to Microsoft Basic Graphic drive, because i uninstalled the graphics driver, and installed the new one while following a video. How do i fix this? Please help



      Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU 2.40 GHz

      8 GB ram

      Intel HD 4600 Graphics