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    no space in root



      first: what ן Trying to do is to controll on camera by uvcvideo and opencv


      so my problem is when i Trying to download and install opencv from repo, the install is stuck because no have space in device.
      when i run command "df" it look the "root" is full.

      in start i try to run from boot, the command "run do_ota", but this is free only 40MB and when i install opencv the error get again.

      so i try to remove the image and install the new image and run the file "flashall.bat" (i use windows), but this not work and stuck in line "please plug and reboot devive"....

      when i search about this problen of "flashall.bat" this look have a problem in windows but on linux (ubunto) this work fine, but i think this crazy to install linux on my computer only becauase this problem.


      now i have only three choice

      1) install linux on  my computer.

      2) change the partitions of edison and give to root big size, (i know i know ...  this not good idea....)

      3) go to sleep.


      i think i choice the third option, but if you have other idea i very happy to lissten.


      sory on language, my english is not perfect..

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          Hi cocooi


          Fortunately; there is another option: Use the Flash Tool Lite Flash Tool Lite User Manual | Intel® Developer Zone

          This process should allow you to have 1.4G as root. Try it out and let us know the outcome.




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            /home has a lot of space.


            I hit into the same problem and came up with this quick and dirty solutio. You can move a sizable directory there and make a symbolic link, i.e.:


            cd /; mv /usr /home; ln -s /home/usr .

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              first tx hwNewbie and Cmatal_intel for answers.



              thx for the answer, but i try to do what you suggested and this work fine and when i do reboot to edison the kernal is stuck and i send the edison to junk... not rly, but the edison stuck in reboot and i need to run command in boot  "run do_ota" and this fix that but the memry go full again, so thx for the answer but think again before you suggests danger answer.

              but anyway thx on your try.



              i did that and this work perfect,  very thx.

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                Cocool, sorry it didn't work for you but this wasn't theoretical. This is how I setup my own Edison, and it works fine, persists over reboots etc.


                How I do this though is to move /usr to /home/usr as the first thing after a fresh setup. Maybe trying to move it after installing several packages and so on impacts it (I am not sure, just speculating).


                Bottom line, I am glad you found a solution that works for you.