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    NUC Kit D54250WYK - Overscan Issue, Desktop Too Big For Screen, Windows 10


      I've just purchased and set up a new NUC Kit D54250WYK.  A Windows 10 Pre-release has been loaded.  Output is displayed to an LG 42LV4400 TV.  The problem is that the display is too big so the edges are cropped.  There does not seem to be any tool to adjust down the display to fit the TV.  I'm not sure it this is a function of the limits of a Windows 10 pre-release or just a lack of a tool to adjust the screen.  I have Ascer computer running Windows 10 (loaded over Windows 7) that uses a NVIDIA tool that works just fine.   I could purchase Windows 7 but would hate to find the issue.   I'm assuming that a lot of folks are use the NUC as a HTPC and have successfully dealt with this issue.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.